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And The Walls Came Tumbling Down: High-Tech In Action At The Battle Of Jericho?

And The Walls Came Tumbling Down: High-Tech In Action At The Battle Of Jericho?

Jericho was in ruins many centuries prior to Joshua (when there was a Joshua) arrived and stumbled upon the site. Joshua and the Israelites hadn’t been awakened in anyone’s mythology, and also these ruined walls were probably done in because of numerous earthquakes that obviously occur in the region.

Now God wanted Joshua to decide on the’city’ of Jericho, but at a somewhat odd manner at least to find a typical military strategist. That strange bit is why God’s war strategy (which definitely need to be perfect coming from the all-knowing deity) isn’t educated in the warfare colleges of the armed forces of the planet – I definitely don’t recall it had been utilized in any army effort, current or historical. Anyhow, God’s strategy, the key to the accomplishment of the siege ofthe Battle of Jericho as led by Joshua, is to apparently circle town for six days with his men of war along with seven priests carrying ram’s horns. Maybe the folks were assumed to laugh themselves to death at those antics.

Anyhow, on the afternoon, these priests, famous musicians were to perform those trumpets shaped to the type of ram’s horns, play them fortissimo, after which a couple. Oh, and everybody was supposed to shout loudly and long, but not before the true time demanded – sunrise or shortly afterwards with this seventh day (that you’d think might have been a day of rest all that previous seven days of marching’about Jericho). Timing was ! So you have got a fantastic deal of noise – seven ram’s horns making quite loud trumpet sounds, and tons of yelling. Why God needs silver and gold and brass and iron is beyond me since He could make as much of these things as he wanted! Anyhow, The Ark of the Covenant was current, however what actual function it done, if any, isn’t made very evident.

Because of Joshua’s actions, God saw to it attained everlasting fame (although I’m not sure it’s the kind of something I’d enjoy being remembered for in the history books). Therefore, what precisely do we create of sound as a military weapon?

Concerning application to warfare, it is known that very low frequency sounds may make the feeling that your intestines and contents have become jelly. Translated, it’s quite difficult to become a 100% soldier if you are in desperate urge to visit the bathroom!

Very higher frequency sound on the other hand can disorient one. A disoriented soldier is not a powerful soldier.

However, we don’t see anything along those lines at the front lines in any current military conflict that I’m conscious of. To the best of my perception, music hasn’t yet been used to some wonderful extent, in the event, on the struggle, possibly as a result of limited array; maybe because sound doesn’t discriminate between the opposing sides.

Nevertheless, the biological viability aside, this kind of army program does not have some effect on the nonliving, which I assume that the Walls of Jericho have been nonliving that is.

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It’s a pressure wave in the atmosphere. Exactly the like a water wave can push things round, and destroy solid objects (since we’ve observed in recent images of tsunamis), therefore too might seem waves, but obviously because or because atmosphere is much less dense a medium than plain water, the consequences are equally diminished. Sound can obviously travel through solids too and may also function as a pressure wave that compresses the’powerful’ (which is actually mainly empty space) since it goes through, just like sound travels through fluids – think of whale songs or sonar.

If you’re considering just pure air pressure, or even the strain exerted by the air in the form of the winds, then then I doubt if or not a massive storm (or perhaps typhoon/cyclone) could have caused much slight destruction to the walls of Jericho, not the area of Earth is normally subjected to those extreme weather events.

A series of F-5 tornadoes might have done the trick, however, the Bible has to have given credit where credit was into a act of God (no need for a middle man or musicians or guys ). It may have been a miracle since F-5 tornadoes aren’t standard weather issued events from the Jericho region.

There might have been no survivors inside left to slaughter, and such paintings of gold, silver, brass and iron wouldn’t have been worth a damn thing – just radioactive slag. Whatever the situation, there is no archaeological proof of intense warmth (vitrified or fused sand) in the site or of ignoring any personality for this matter.

If it was, Jericho’s walls may be standing (assuming no openings of course). There’s a physics phenomenon called resonance. Most physiological items have some kind of pure soil that compels them not to only behave in stage with external vibrations of a just-so personality, but these vibrations continue creating up into larger and bigger amplitudes. The great thing in question oscillates back and forth to greater extremes. If those extreme violent swaying moves get so strong they turn into more than the physiological forces holding the thing jointly, what shatters in a resonance disaster – Quite simply, it suffers a catastrophic collapse.

But if the opera singer sings softly, softly, then the glass is out of harms way. Clearly a lean wine glass is just 1 thing; a massive stone walled fortress is some thing different.

I’d suggest not a modern metal heavy rock band, together with each the high technology available with this circling Jericho using boom-boxes galore, wouldn’t have come close to bringing down the walls. The residents may flee in terror from the so-called’sound’ but the walls will remain intact.

This is true even for further modern loud noises much like a sonic boom or say that the launching of a Saturn V rocket as well as the Space Shuttle. There’s a hell of a great deal of loud rumbling, but all these infrastructures from the region still suffer after-the-fact. The vibrations of the one do not match the normal lubricant of a different, or just aren’t energetic enough.

It will have to take something more powerful than reunite afterward (like yelling and ram’s horn trumpets) or some thing we’ve like thick metal rings and rockets. If the Battle of Jericho is true, if sound really did bring down tremendous stone walls, then alien technologies ought to have been utilized – terrestrial technology of this era (and ours too ) simply wasn’t and isn’t up to the occupation. I mean is that there anyone reading this who seriously believes they could, as a parallel event, fly a seven or even maybe a seventy part set to mention that the Great Wall of China and knock a tiny segment it down simply by enjoying a bit Wagner, Gershwin, or maybe rock & roll? I didn’t think .

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